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St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment Program

St Lucia Citizenship By Investment

A small, lush, Caribbean gem – Saint Lucia is among the newest countries to offer a citizenship by investment program. The country in itself is a tourist hotspot due to its warm tropical weather, mountainous terrain, pristine black sand beaches, and rustic atmosphere.

The citizenship by investment program offered by Saint Lucia is aimed at HNW individuals who are eager to equip themselves with a powerful second passport. Compared to some of its neighbours, a minimum investment of 100,000$ is enough to secure a citizenship in the country. One of the major advantages of acquiring a St. Lucia citizenship is that you are free from paying inheritance and property taxes.

Minimum Investment

$ 100,000

Time To Citizenship

3-6 Months

Visa-Free Access

144 Countries

St Lucia Investment Options

Donation to the NEF
The applicant should make a $100,000 (for a single applicant) non-refundable donation to St Lucia’s National Economic Fund. The fund has been setup to help improve the country’s infrastructure.

Investment in Real Estate
Applicant should invest a sum of 300,000 USD or more in a government-approved real estate development. The property should remain in the possession of the aspirant for a period of five years.

Purchase of Government Bonds
The Principal Applicant invests in 5 year non-interest bearing Government bonds worth $500,000 which shall be registered and remain in the name of the Principal Applicant. The investment sum will be returned to the Principal Applicant at the end of the 5 year holding period.

Key Benefits of a St Lucia passport

  • Saint Lucia permits its citizens to hold Dual Citizenship
  • Visa Free or Visa on arrival access to 144 countries and territories
  • Citizens are exempt from paying inheritance and capital gains tax

A Short Guide to St Lucia

St Lucia is a picturesque island nation resisting on the border of the Caribbean and Atlantic Sea. The country is a vacationer’s paradise with several beaches, waterfalls, and mountain ranges. Although English is the official language in the country, Creole, a dialect of French is also widely used by the natives here. Education within the country is mandatory for children between the ages of 5 and 15. The quality of education at schools and universities are on par with their European counterparts.

The country also has in place a dependable National Health Insurance Scheme to cover all of its citizens. Individuals are also free to choose private insurance schemes if they wish to get treated in a private hospital. Agriculture and tourism are two of major industries in the country. Foreigners, irrespective of whether they’ve acquired a property in the country will need a work permit to be employed in the country.

With several national parks, volcanic peaks and botanical gardens, St Lucia presents itself as an ideal place to reside with your family. Acquiring a secondary passport in the country can be seen as a lifelong investment. If you are planning to obtain a second passport from St Lucia, get in touch with us and let our team of experienced consultants help you through the process.

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