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How To Apply


Understand your requirements. Propose the best program ‘fit’. Ensure your nationality is eligible through a prequalification process. Request your passport copy and proceed to perform an initial Security Check. You then proceed to sign our Retainer Agreement to begin your application.
Checklist with all documents required to prepare your application. Examples of basic documents requested by the governments include: Attested copy of Birth Certificate. Attested copy of Marriage Certificate. Recent Original Police Report from the country of residence, country of original citizenship, and any country where you have a residency or resided in for more than 6 months. In the meantime, our team prepares the numerous application forms and support documents.
We complete the file then Submit to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU). The Government issues a letter acknowledging receipt of the file and confirming that all documents. The Government submits to an approved (DD) Due Diligence company.
Due Diligence takes on average 3 months for most citizenship programs. This can in some cases could be fast-tracked to only 5 weeks. The Government may rarely request further documents after this stage. Rove will submit them if and when needed.
The Government issues an official Citizenship Approval Letter including instructions for the client to process the payment of the investment.
The client transfers all required fees and investments to the Government specified bank accounts. We require a copy of the transfer swift to ensure the Government locates the funds fast and without delays. The Government confirms receipt of the client’s payments.
Citizenship Certificates are issued approximately one month after the Government confirms receipt of the funds. The Citizenship Certificate must be sealed, stamped, and signed by a Government authority.
Passport issuance takes approximately one week, once we obtain the original Citizenship Certificates. Upon receipt of the Citizenship Certificates and Passports to our offices in Dubai, they could be collected or couriered to your country of residence.