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Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment Program

Grenada Citizenship By Investment

Known for its crystal clean waters and white-sandy beaches, Grenada is a tropical island country resting in the Caribbean Sea. The country is an ideal destination for those seeking a secondary passport as they offer a quick and efficient Citizenship by Investment Program. The resurgence of Grenada since attaining independence in 1974 is note-worthy, tourism and agricultural sectors, in particular, has helped it to become one of the fastest growing economies in the country.

Minimum Investment

$ 150,000

Time To Citizenship

3-6 Months

Visa-Free Access

142 Countries

Grenada Investment Options

Donation to the NTF
As suggested by its name, the National Transformation Fund is setup to improve the infrastructure within the country. A single applicant is required to make a monetary investment of 150,000 USD to be eligible for citizenship. The required investment amount will increase with the number of dependents.

Investment in Real Estate
The applicant is required to purchase any government approved property in the country worth 350,000 USD or more. Applicant is free to sell the acquired property after a period of 5 years.

Key Benefits of Grenada Passport

  • Applicants do not need to be in Grenada during the time of application
  • Grenada Citizenship is a gateway to acquiring a US E-2 Visa
  • Citizens are exempt from paying capital gains, inheritance, and foreigner income tax
  • Visa Free or Visa on arrival access to 142 countries and territories
  • The processing time is less than 90 days
  • Candidates do not have to fulfil any educational or management requirements
  • The country does recognize Dual Citizenship

A Short Guide to Grenada

Sometimes referred to as the “Spice Island”, Grenada is a Caribbean island nation that still proudly exhibits its colonial heritage. The country is made up of Grenada and six smaller islands that lies to the north of the main isle. Similar to the other Caribbean countries, English is the official language in the country with Antillean Creole and Creole English being the other recognized languages.

The country’s lone airport – Maurice Bishop International Airport has frequent international flights connecting it to Europe, US, and Canada. The public transport and ferry system that exists within the country also deserves special mention for its frequency and efficiency. The healthcare system in the country is arguably the best among the Caribbean Islands with several world-class public and private hospitals. Primary healthcare within the country is free for citizens while expats can avail private health insurance. As understood from its nickname, the country is a famed producer of spices including Nutmeg, Mace, and Cinnamon to name a few. A work permit is mandatory for non-Grenada nationals to be employed in the country.

A secondary Grenada passport enables its holder to be eligible for a US E-2 Visa. Our team here at Rove Consultant LLC are well equipped to help those eagle-eyed investors to acquire a Grenadian citizenship. We provide all the required information and assistance to help you attain a Grenada passport without any hassles.

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