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Dominica Secondary Citizenship Program

Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment Program

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Located in the Caribbean Sea, the Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the region’s most beautiful countries. Dominica is literally a travelers’ paradise owing to the presence of numerous beaches and rainforests. The boiling lake, the second largest hot spring in the globe, is a tourist hotspot throughout the year.

Dominica are among the first set of Caribbean countries to implement a citizenship by investment program. Ever since its establishment in 1991, the program has been hugely sought-after owing to the fact that Dominica is one of the safest countries in the world. Termed as the Citizenship Act, the government can grant Dominica citizenship and a second passport to individuals who satisfy a certain set of rules and policy guidelines.

Minimum Investment


Time To Citizenship

3-6 Months

Visa-Free Access

135 Countries

Dominica Investment Options

Donation to the EDF
The Economic Diversification Fund was setup to help improve the public and private infrastructure in the country. A citizenship aspirant has to donate an amount of 100,000 USD to the EDF. The required deposit amount will increase on the number of dependents.

Investment in Real Estate
Make an investment of 200,000 USD in a pre-approved real estate project. The property must not be disposed of for a period of five years. Applicants are required to pay registration and processing fees.

Key Benefits of Dominica Passport

  • Visa Free or Visa on arrival access to 135 countries and territories
  • Exempt from paying wealth, income, gift, inheritance, and capital gains tax
  • Dominica citizens are eligible to receive the same Commonwealth privileges as UK citizens
  • Free to hold Dual Citizenship
  • Not required to physically reside in the country
  • Benefits can be passed down to future generations

A Short Guide to Dominica

As mentioned, Dominica offers one of the oldest and most prominent citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean. Part of the reason for Dominica’s popularity is the warm weather tropical climate and economic stability. English is the official language in the country while Antillean Creole a dialect of French is widely spoken by the natives. The country has two regional airports, both of which are located in close proximity to the two major towns in the country, Roseau and Portsmouth.

The curriculum followed by the schools and universities are in line with those of its European counterparts. Dominica also has excellent public and private healthcare facilities, both of which accepts private healthcare insurance. The country also has in place a social security system that grants subsidized rates for hospital visits. Banking, agriculture (mostly for the export of bananas), and fishing are the three primary industries in the country. Expats require a work permit from the Ministry of Labor to be able to work within the country.

Dominica does not place a restriction on holding dual citizenship. The program also does not require the applicant to physically reside in the country. Apply for a Dominica passport from Dubai with Rove Consultant LLC. Our team is experienced in all facets related to secondary citizenships and as such can help you avail the same with ease.

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