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Antigua and Barbuda Secondary Citizenship Program

Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment Program

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship By Investment

Antigua and Barbuda is an idyllic island nation that is popular among tourists for its sandy beaches and cerulean blue waters. Having gained its independence in 1984, this humble nation to this day remains a part of the Commonwealth. The country is also an independent member of several international associations such as the OAS, UN, CARICOM, WTO and IMF. An Antigua passport holder can gain visa-free entry to as many as 149 countries.

Minimum Investment


Time To Citizenship

3-5 Months

Visa-Free Access

147 Countries

Investment Options in Antigua

Contribution to the NDF
A contribution of 100,000$ to a government endorsed charity or to the National Development Fund. The invested amount will be used to improve the country’s infrastructure and the living condition of its citizens. Additional dependents will require a higher donation.

Investment in Real Estate
Make an investment of 400,000$ or more on a government endorsed development zone in the country. The investor must keep hold of the development for a minimum of 5 years. Investors are liable to pay taxes and processing fees associated with such purchases.

Key Benefits of an Antigua and Barbuda Passport

  • No restriction to holding dual citizenship
  • Visa Free or Visa on arrival access to 147 countries and territories
  • No requirement to pay inheritance tax or capital fees
  • Investors are not required to be physically present in the country
  • Easy access to major global capitals

A Short Guide to Antigua and Barbuda

The country’s azure beaches and tropical weather makes it a prime tourist destination. Apart from the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, the country also encompasses several minor islands such as the Great Bird Island, York Island and Long Island, to name a few.

The lone airport in the country is located in Antigua and hosts both international and local carriers on a day to day basis. An efficient ferry system also exists and as such visitors can easily travel between the different Caribbean islands. The educational infrastructure is impressive and is on par with the global standards. Medical schools, in particular, attract a large number of foreign students each year.

The commonwealth boasts an exceptionally high literacy rate coming at around 98%. English along with Spanish are two of the most commonly used languages in the country. The tourism and government sector are two of the biggest employers in this island country. Molasses, dishing, and cotton export are among the other flourishing industries in the country.

Citizens can benefit from free healthcare and medication provided by the government. Residents also have the freedom to opt for private health insurance. If you wish to attain a secondary Antigua passport, contact the experts at Rove Consultancy today!

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